What is My First 300 Babies?

It is a terrific book that will get your newborn off to a loving, relaxed, and confident start. This book shows you how to organize your time and schedule your baby’s sleeping, eating, and “waketime/playtime” to flow with the needs of your particular family.

The common sense of Mrs. Hendrick’s approach includes such simple notions as, “It isn’t what the baby does — for at times he would seem unpredictable — it is what you do about it.” Planning schedules for when to feed, when to bathe, when to hold and play, etc. is presented in a way that gives the newly expanded family the flexibility needed to meet the needs of all its members; mom, dad, and siblings. The loving but firm schedule concept provides confidence and assurance to parents, which in turn is sensed by the newest family member and results in a hassle free enjoyable beginning.

The book covers in detail how to deal with either nursing or bottle feeding, and how to overcome common problems with both. It tells ways to get much enjoyment from holding and rocking the baby, and it gives tips on establishing order and discipline in the family.

The book covers suggestions and instructions useful with adopted babies, twins, and triplets . The principles apply to every situation.

A selection of delicious recipes for the new mom or dad to use in preparing meals during those busy days is included. They are simple and easy to prepare, tasty, and nutritious.

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