About the author of My First 300 Babies

In 1948, with her own three children married and away from home, Gladys West Hendrick decided to resume her career in child raising, and began working with newborns and their families. She brought gratifying results to over 800 babies and their parents by developing a daily procedure of order, based on love and appreciation for her little charges.

During her tenure, Mrs. Hendrick cared for children in more than 65 cities in California, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. She cared for 16 sets of twins, and her largest family had five children — all Hendrick babies.

Each of her babies claimed a special place in the heart of this “Nurth” and many later in life corresponded regularly with this wonderful lady whose love and guidance helped them through those first uncertain days of life.

After helping the first few hundred families through their babies’ beginning days, Mrs. Hendrick realized she could offer so much to others if she wrote a book describing her proven approach. She completed the book after having cared for about 300 babies; hence the eye-catching title.

“My First 300 Babies” became very popular for new families and has been sold widely throughout the United States and Canada, and has had many sales on all continents. Needless to say, Mrs. Hendrick was in even greater demand after her book was published. She loved her work so much, and was so proud and happy to be able to help young families get off to a peaceful and loving start, she postponed retirement until well into her 80’s. After retirement, she enjoyed seeing sales of her book continue at a vigorous pace — a pace that is steadily increasing to this day.

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