What do readers say about My First 300 Babies?

Testimonials are included in the text from some users of the book and from some of those lucky people who had Mrs. Hendrick actually help in getting their babies started. The praise is deservedly high - a few samples are shown here.

“If I had one hundred babies, I would want each one to have the same wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Mrs. Gladys, and I will always be grateful that my babies and I had you with us for that glorious start in life.” —Mother of Babies 37, 64, 86, and 139

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough You can look forward to years of hassle-free enjoyment with your children by following Mrs. Hendrick’s sound ideas.” — Mother of Baby 238

“Two babies in fourteen months could result in a chaotic household and two unhappy babies, but not when the Hendrick schedule is in effect.” —Mother of Babies 60 and 76

“When I say, and I have said it many times to our friends, that Mrs. Hendrick saved our lives, I mean it literally!” — Mother of Babies 217 and 253

“Happiness is a Hendrick baby — the wonderful result of Mrs. Hendrick’s plan is a happy child.” — Mother of babies 265, and 303

“To those of you who are meeting Mrs. Hendrick for the first time, and take her work to your heart, this book will hold a rich reward.” Mother of babies 123, 170, and 298

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